EV charger installations & servicing Geelong

Because of our commitment to a better environment, our passion for sustainability, and as specialists in all things electric, we stay up to date with the latest in electric vehicles (EV) and EV chargers. We have extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience with installations, proper usage, maintenance, and repairs of EV chargers for residential and retail or commercial use in Geelong and surrounding areas.

For residential, commercial, and retail

The EV charger is an important component of owning an electric vehicle, a fleet of EVs for businesses and commercial purposes, or adding accessibility features to your retail space. Where a servo is to a petrol-powered car, an EV charger is to an EV. GoTo Electrical Solutions can help you with installations, guide you on the proper use and care of your electric charging system, and servicing and repairs when needed.

EO chargers

GoTo Electrical Solutions are certified installers of EO charging systems. EO’s advanced charging technologies and systems are used all over the world in many homes and by leading businesses such as Uber, Amazon, DHL, and more. EO’s chargers have an answer to every charging requirement that you may have regardless of the brand or manufacturer of your vehicle and the number of EV’s you have. EO has solutions that can cater to a fleet of vehicles, no matter how big or small.

If you’re in need of an EV charger installed or repaired, get in touch with GoTo Electrical. We also specialise in split system installation services and bio and physical containment electrical services in Geelong.